Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love Lingered

If you've spent much time in the ocean you're probably familiar with the lingering feeling you get later in the day, when you lay your head down to rest and close your eyes. You can still feel the waves pushing your body around, up and down, in gentle lulls. It makes you feel dizzy but relaxed all at the same time.

I discovered something similar the other night when I went to bed. A physical manifestation of love lingered. I'd spent most of the day carrying and playing with Berkeley. Rolling around on the floor with her, throwing her in the air, hugging her tight, laughing together. I put her to bed and then put myself to bed a few hours later. And there it was. I could feel her little body still near mine, my mind tumbled across the floor, up and down we went. It was one of the most unexpected but pleasurable things I've experienced in quite some time.