Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've picked up a couple items that are both practical and useful for an overall library effect. We have three sets of bookends, a reading lamp and a throw blanket, that will eventually end up on the new chair I bought (not pictured because 8-12 week delivery time).

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have placed books onto my bookshelves! Now, however, as you can see I have way too many shelves for the amount of books I have. I use to think I had a fair number of books but now I see I clearly need more. So when Christmas and birthdays (my birthday or yours) come around, feel free to get me books. :) I wish I could take one picture that sort of gave a feel for the whole room but it's just too small. Perhaps I'll have to break out Robyn's fancy photo equipment (wide-angle lens) and see what I can do. It's sort of anti-climatic, but behold! My sparsely populated book shelves:

I have more books but they're like text books and travel books. Maybe the travel books will find their way down there but I want it to feel like a library, not a school so the text books will probably have to stay away for all time an eternity.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

ZOMG!?!?! Library Progress

Eh, it's been forever, but I think deep down I knew that I'd actually hate hanging shelves, and I was right. Today I spent waaaaaay to much time putting up eight out of the sixteen proposed shelves. The big problem was that the floating shelves just wouldn't sit flush against the wall. Some angle bracket type thingies were employed and everything went fairly smoothly from there, except straight lines and measurements aren't my strong suit, you'd think a Berkeley degree would at least set you up with the ability to hang a couple shelves (clearly not true). Anyway, I like what I'm seeing:

As you can see, the books hide the brackets so it still looks like floating shelves when everything is in place.