Monday, November 16, 2009


A few weeks ago I passed up the opportunity to join some friends for a gathering that would have been enjoyable for its intellectual stimulation as well as being nice just hanging out with some people I really enjoy. I may have picked up a reputation for thinking and intellectualizing too much. So this particular group of friends were sort of in shock (at least one was shocked in a positive way while the others were like "OMG, really? Him?") when I decided to skip that gathering and instead chose to drive down to Stanford to watch a football game on TV. That particular game wasn't overly memorable, nor are most of them, but similar to my love of a cars there is something very family-feeling about it for me. While most of my friends at this point probably look back on their childhood Sundays and recall getting up early for church, wearing uncomfortable clothes, seeing some of their favorite friend--equally fashionably dresse--and spending the day thinking about kindness, good deeds, Jesus, and reverence; my Sundays were nothing of the sort. We spent the day plopped in front of the TV, from 10am to 10pm (give or take a few hours on either side depending on the timezone we found ourselves in) watching our favorite teams run up and down a 100 yard field. On really special days large quantities of Taco Bell or KFC would be consumed as well. So now when I sit down with my childhood friend and watch the Colts play the villainous Patriots I feel a certain connectedness with my family (whom I don't see or talk to nearly enough, which I'm fully to blame for) that few other activities can invoke. I imagine my mom and dad and brother watching the game at the same time and it just feels right.

I don't know what my point it is.

But I do know there is a certain high after the Colts win a game like last nights that lasts for a few hours and is hard to replicate, and unlike many highs, it feels good and healthy, even after the high has passed.

Go Colts!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best Poem I Ever Wrote

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Sharks Are Mean
And So Are You

Monday, November 2, 2009

Missing* the Lipless

Here is something stupid. We went to Vegas for Halloween, just a single day. While there we wandered over to the Wynn where you can find a Ferrari showroom. Sigh. I paid the $10 to get in and look at them. And well the closest feeling I can describe it as (this is the stupid part) is a sense of longing like breaking up with a girlfriend.

* Yes, I know it's Kissing.